You’ve spent thousands of dollars setting up the perfect grow environment, your seedlings have taken off, maturing into strong, healthy plants when powdery mildew, the white-faced villain strikes!

ok so What is Powdery Mildew?

Powdery Mildew or ‘PM’ is the arch nemesis of any grower, from cannabis to tomatoes, it’s matte-white spores are the fungal guillotine to your healthy crop.

PM grows on and penetrates the leaf / plant, sucking your plants precious waters and sugars like a vegan vampire. It comprises two organisms being a) bacteria and b) fungus, which are symbiotic and cannot live without each other #soulmates

[Credit: Robert Bergman http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/powdery mildew]

The source of PM, to this day, has not been definitively determined #mysterious, however the primary initial inoculum is believed to be airborne conidia [a spore produced asexually by various fungi] of which lands on a single plant before spreading across the entire crop, think, 1998 Godzilla movie but instead of a giant asexual lizard, a fungal disease, and instead of 44ft legs as transport, air. OK, maybe not the best analogy but you get the gist.

The disease is easily identifiable with powdery white spots appearing on the leaves and thrives in environments with a high level of humidity and moderate temperatures, not ideal if you’re a grower. #wink

Due to its insoluble properties, it is a grower’s worst nightmare to manage and keep at bay.

A simple spray will not be enough to remove this monster, with growers dedicating time to physically wiping down plants to remove PM. This process inevitably leaves residue and results in the disease reappearing in the following weeks like a well-trained magician’s assistant.

How do i manage it?

There are a number of ways to manage and eventually remove PM, the most commonly used are pesticides, herbicides or ‘fungicides’.

[Credit: Pathogen Death Wand]

Now you’re probably thinking, fantastic, a simple, all-be-it-expensive, solution to my PM problem, which genius writer is this?! But all is not what it appears, although the treatment of powdery mildew with herbicides and pesticides is largely safe when used in controlled amounts, a recent NBC exposé highlighted the disturbing levels of harmful pesticide chemicals found / remaining within a variety of cannabis products purchased from a sample of 15 dispensaries in California.

[Credit: NBC Los Angeles]


Of the 44-marijuana products purchased, which ranged from edibles to vaporizers and joints, 41 were found to contain pesticides (93%), with many containing over the legally approved limit in other states, which can cause damage to the kidney, liver and other vital organs, highlighting the public-health need for regulations to be reviewed, results published by Steep Hill labs of Berkeley.

“It’s literally just like injecting that pesticide right into your bloodstream” – Dr. Jeffrey C. Raber

To really hit home on this point, another recent study, ‘Determination of Pesticide Residues in Cannabis Smoke’, published to the Journal of Toxicology received a positive hit for the chemical myclobutanil [also marketed as Eagle 20], which when heated or vaporized becomes hydrogen-cyanide, yes, the chemical used throughout history to kill humans, think pain, frothing at the mouth… all round not pleasant even in small doses, removing all health benefits gained from the cannabis plant.

The study which specifically tested the different levels of pesticide residue [recovery] in cannabis across different mediums of smoking apparatus concluded:

“The portion of pesticide [residue] recovery is alarmingly high and is a serious concern”


Enter the Pathogen Death Wand (PDWand), now most of you are sitting and thinking the who and what now?! The Pathogen Death Wand is the latest and most innovative product in the quest for a clean way to manage and prevent PM problems using, yep, a light source.

The PDWand is proven science based on patented light energy that prevents and destroys pathogen infection, all through the grow, providing continuous protection for infected cannabis by naturally destroying fungi and bacteria whilst being completely harmless to terpene / cannabinoid levels. The Wand’s safe, non-UV light is beneficial for you, the grower, from seed through to cure, with no residue or toxins. Essentially it allows you to maximize your crops potential and eliminate the need for pesticides and chemicals. The Wand delivers pure energy to your plants; it is a safe, clean, responsible and natural solution.

The Pathogen Death Wand is a slim LED fixture, 46” in length, designed to be installed alongside current grow lights, over your plants. The Wand delivers precise, yet naturally occurring, wavelengths and covers up to a 4’ x 3’ area at a distance of 24” away from the plant(s), or for quicker results if you have a heavier infection, as close as 10” away from the plant(s) covering a smaller footprint of 4’ x 17”.

[Credit: Pathogen Death Wand]

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