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To celebrate the New Year and our sales success we are giving you the chance to WIN a free Pathogen Death Wand worth (MSRP $799), a CLEAN, SAFE and NATURAL alternative to fungicides and bactericides.  Our Wand is newly launched, field proven and independently laboratory tested and validated.
So, you may be asking yourself, what is the Pathogen Death Wand and PDe3?


Put simply, it is a patented and patent pending LED light fixture that controls microbial growth on Cannabis.  It features a unique light spectrum that attacks bacteria, mold, powdery mildew and most kinds of yeast, providing continuous protection for your plants whilst being completely harmless to terpene and cannabinoid levels.  The Wand’s safe, non-UV light energy (we call it “PDe3”) leaves no residue or toxins and is beneficial for your plants because the Wand stimulates photosynthesis and growth. The Wand beams healthy, good energy to your plants and destructive negative energy to the pathogens!


What are the benefits of using the Pathogen Death Wand?

Essentially the Wand enables you to maximize your crop’s full potential and eliminate or reduce the need for fungicides and bactericides.  It is a safe, clean, responsible and natural light solution that absolutely no other light fixture can provide!

  • PDe3 light can both prevent and clear up pathogenic infections
  • Naturally destroys fungi and bacteria
  • Harmless to terpene and cannabinoid levels
  • PDe3 light is designed for use from seed to cure
  • Grow the healthiest plants and maximize your crop’s full potential
  • The Wand comes with 5 year warranty


How do you use the Pathogen Death Wand?

It is so easy and saves your Grow valuable labor time.  The Wand is a slim LED fixture, 46” in length, designed to hang over your plants, positioned with your grow lights.  The Wand delivers precise, yet naturally occurring, wavelengths of beneficial light energy to your plants, just like they should receive from the sun.  Each Wand covers approximately 16 sq. ft. at a height of 22”above your crop.

To enter our competition simply follow any one of our social media accounts and send us a direct message with your name and contact details.  Competition closes 01.19.18 23:00 PST and the winner will be announced 01.22.18. 11:00 PST.


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Facebook: @pathogendeathwand

Twitter: @pathogenDW


Good Luck, from the Pathogen Death Wand Team!

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