Canna-Crackdown: Our take on 2018

Canna-Crackdown: Our take on 2018

Changes are afoot in the valley. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past six months, then you will know that as soon as the clock strikes twelve, then 2018 will hail big things in California, as cannabis becomes legal. In fact, crafty canna entrepreneurs could earn up to $5.2B in revenue next year, now that’s some serious dollar. So if you are a small, to medium grow house, or fancy a slice of that pie, then what does it mean for you? Simply put, expect a crackdown on the cannabis sector. Not only is it potentially going to be harder for you to get financing for your grow (cannabis is classed as a “schedule one” substance, meaning that banks consider it be as harmful as heroin and risk losing their federal charter if they work with cannabis companies) but you might also want to start going ‘green’ – think Humboldt’s Finest – as rules and regulations are going to get a lot stricter on the pesticides that you use for your grow.


Say what now? What does that mean for me?

Worry not growing friends, you won’t be out of a job just yet. It’s a good time to be a weed grower, man, as good quality crops could soon see up to a 70% price increase. That’s pretty sweet… The reality is though, the pesticides or fertilizers that you use on your grow will soon be coming under some serious scrutiny. So that means you are going to start having to play by the book, if you even want to have a chance of selling your grow in a competitive market. Start geeking up on the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR), the body that regulates the sale and use of pesticides in California, including use on cannabis, if you want to get an understanding of the types of products that are already approved for use in the agricultural sector. Although the DPR doesn’t provide a list that you can use on your grow, it may give you more of an idea.


Good Gardening

If you’ve been using that secret blend from your Uncle Bob for the past few years, then it might be time to start thinking again about how you keep those creepy critters from eating all your plants. The market is about to become saturated with some seriously top quality s*** and you don’t want to get left behind, just because of what you use to protect or fertilize your grow. So, if your gardening practises are slightly unorthodox, then think again. Ok, we know that you might not have time to make like Humboldt, and use rainwater lovingly collected from the southern valley slopes, but there’s no excuse to get sloppy and cut corners if you want to bag some serious bucks.


First and foremost, consider what you are using to fertilize your crops. Is coconut or even wood ash your fertilizer of choice? Are you using fertilizers that are certified and recognized as organic? Can you honestly vouch that there’s no hidden nasties, this isn’t the Kardashian’s closet after all folks – it is your livelihood. So suck it up, and start researching which alternative works best for you.

Good gardening and pest control go hand in hand.  So if you’ve unveiled a new green-fingered approach to your plants grow cycle, then you need to make sure that you go easy on the pesticides too. So gather round and let us tell you a tale. Some say it comes out on a dark night, to suck the waters and sugars out of the veins of your grow. While others have had their eyeballs scarred by the sight of white spots, that cover your grow. Enter the vegan vampire, powdery mildew, both a bacteria and a fungus – now that’s just greedy – that will just keep on coming back for more unless you eradicate it completely. But what’s that, there’s a #Newkidontheblock in the form of the Pathogen Death Wand… silence #Potter. Set to banish the dark lord, this patented light energy source is safe, and toxin-free, providing continuous protection for any infected cannabis, by blasting all fungi and bacteria into oblivion #expelliarmus! So come now muggles, don’t be fooled by the

PDWand’s 46” length. Slicker than a trip down Diagon Alley, it can in fact be installed alongside your existing lights, providing wavelengths that cover up to a 4’ x 3’ area at a distance of 24” away from your plant(s). #everylittlethingshedoesismagic


So what next?

Well, the reality as from January 1 is still less than clear cut. Growers are being left to look to other cannabis-friendly states to try and make their own predictions as to what the future may hold – and that’s no mean feat. That’s a lot of nail biting and pen pushing in the normally mellow world of marijuana growers. In a nutshell, start storing your crop growing friends – as things are about to get serious. Don’t make like Vegas and run out of recreational weed just days after it hits the shelves, keep some stocks back, just in case.


Take inspiration from those good folk in Oregon, who have approached adult-use cannabis in a whole new light. Positioning cannabis as a health and wellness must have, they are even positioning their grow for families and health gurus too – think the type of consumer who would totally go for cannabis creams or edible marijuana based products.


The reality is times are changing, and fast! You need to start to consider just how and why people should choose your grow over that of your competitors. If you can ride the wave, then it’s going to have a positive impact on your bank balance. So saddle up, get green and start stocking up on your grow if you want to make sure that your grow is up there with California’s serious contenders. So brace yourselves for a rocky ride, but if you hang in there, chances are it will be a super lucrative 2018 for both you, and your grow.


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